Offshore Deposits can be opened by individuals, corporates & minors. An offshore deposit can also be opened jointly.

Individuals could be:

  • Non Resident Indians
  • Individuals of other countries(Foreign nationals)#
# (Client is required to verify the local applicable rules and regulations for investments in offshore products)

Interest Rates

Interest Rates are subject to change on periodic basis, please refer interest rate schedule for the latest interest rates.

Interest will be paid on maturity. For deposits of tenure more than 12 months, interest would be compounded annually. For deposits of tenure 12 months or less, interest would be calculated on a simple interest basis.

Please click here to know more about the interest rates.

Funding your account

  • Foreign currency cheque /draft from your account held in other banks .
  • Telegraphic / SWIFT transfers by debit to your account held in other banks
  • In case you are a NRI, then funds transfer from your existing NRE and FCNR account in India

Interest Rates